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Hate Running? Blame Your Gym Class

Think back to your middle and high school years. Or maybe you’d rather forget those difficult years of trying to survive with your dignity and body image intact.

Gym class was the absolute worst.

I dreaded gym. Every sport seemed designed to prove just how slow, awkward, and uncoordinated I was. Even when I experienced a rare moment of wonder-woman strength during the volleyball unit and my 5’4″ frame spiked the ball on the tallest boy in class, I felt more embarrassed than victorious. He was embarrassed too. And retaliated by slamming a stinging shot to my leg.

And then there was the 1-mile run we had to do twice a year. As far as I could tell, the sole purpose of the 1-mile test was to remind me that I wasn’t built for running more than once around the track. I grew to hate distance running and all through my 20s, I refused to run any further than a mile. I was intimidated and fully programmed by years of bad gym classes to believe I’d never be a runner.

What if I told you that everything you learned in gym class about running was wrong?

Instead of using running as a tool to point out weaknesses, what if your gym teacher had taught you the life-long benefits of running?

  • How it creates brain cells and makes you smarter the same way that body muscles grow stronger from exercise.
  • How the controlled environment of running reduces stress and anxiety in other areas of life.
  • That you can burn anywhere from 50 to 130 calories per mile running depending on heart rate and walk breaks.
  • How it does not have to hurt if you distribute the workload among a variety of muscles in the form of walk breaks.
  • That running can lead to greater confidence and joy about life and exercise.
  • How running is for a lifetime, even till you’re 100.

Guess what! You can still learn to love running and exercise. And embrace all of its benefits. 

You can even run a marathon!

With the Minneapolis Jeff Galloway Running Groups, you will be able to relearn running the injury free, confidence-boosting way. You will:

  • Learn how to run a realistic pace that is right for you. Forget the dreaded mile … and embrace the Magic Mile.
  • Learn how to include walk breaks into every run to keep your legs fresh with a high rate of endorphin production. Experience the runner’s high.
  • Run a race … and finish strong and injury free.
  • Learn the tools to become a runner for the rest of your life.
  • Experience specialty clinics like how to buy the right shoes, pre- and post-run stretching, nutrition, running form, and strength building.

Join us for Saturday morning runs in groups that match your pace level. Our couch-to-5k Getting Started program starts in less than 2 weeks. Our half marathon training begins March 16.

Jeff Galloway, Minneapolis Registration page

If you want more information regarding our program, contact us. We’re happy to help you run injury free!

Make running your happy hour!

What did you learn in gym class that holds you back from running, exercising, or trying something new? What type of exercise have you desired to re-learn?

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