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About Us

Welcome to the Minneapolis-St. Paul Jeff Galloway Training Program

We’re here to inspire and encourage you to take the first step to becoming a lifelong runner, regardless of your age or ability.

Maybe you’re dreaming of becoming a runner and don’t know where to begin.

Maybe you’re a new mom looking to get back in shape while having some time away to take care of yourself.

Maybe you’ve been running for a while and are ready to step up to running a longer distance, like a half marathon or marathon.

You were born to run

Whether you’re a beginning runner or training for Grandma’s Marathon,  finding a safe training program can be confusing. Without a safe approach, over-training the body becomes all too common, leading to injuries that sideline your running goals.

With Jeff Galloway’s Run/Walk/Run® method, you can run injury free… until you’re 100.

Our vision is to help people like you realize their dreams of becoming runners for life. We want to help you safely cross any finish line.

This is your time to get started and get going

In 2013, we are kicking off several Getting Started 5k groups as well as half marathon, 10k, and 10-mile groups.

Start your injury-free journey in the Twin Cities with us!

For more information about Jeff Galloway, visit his website at

Meet Our Directors

Erica Moore, Program Director

Erica Moore loves running. Her favorite race distance is the 10k.
She is passionate about motivating beginner and established runners
to reach their best running potential injury free. When not running,
Erica is mom to 4. Running is her happy hour.

Linda Parriott, Co-director

Linda Parriott works with people to design their solo business and
build their online platform. She started running, in 5 second
intervals, at the age of 58. She ran-walked her first 10k race in
celebration of her 59th birthday.

image credit: stock.xchng

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