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The Runner’s Life

Do you remember when you made up your mind to give running a try and realized you actually liked it? You decided to keep running and along the journey resolved to enter a race. From there, you entered more races, trained for longer distances and made personal time goals to beat.

Then Boom! Because of training frequency, duration, or intensity, you were slapped with injury. You put mind over matter and determined to run through the pain. You lived with it, or are living with it now, as a chronic running injury. Sometimes you’re forced to rest for weeks or entire training seasons at a time. Still, you keep training hard, going longer distances, and you continue to treat the pain without solving the problem of injury.

Mike Hylandsson Runners Life-6560Mike, member of the Minneapolis/St. Paul Jeff Galloway Training Group, has experienced all of the above in his running journey, but has done one thing differently. Mike found a way to get rid of the pain. And he plans to stay injury free.

In 1999, while living in England and working as a mechanical engineer, Mike decided to start running because he wanted and needed some type of exercise he could do easily. “A pair of shoes are easier than a gym membership” Mike says.

I like running. I like exercising. It feels awesome to run. It feels even better afterwards.

When Mike first started running, he made the classic beginner runner mistake that so many of us make. He didn’t pace himself, ran too hard, and built up too much lactic acid, essentially going too fast for the shape he was in at the time. Mike recalled that his first half mile out of the door was always his fastest time, and he never ran beyond 4 miles at a time.

After 7 years of on and off running and a move back to the US, Mike registered for his first race–the Mora (Minnesota) Half Marathon. Although a half marathon is an ambitious undertaking for any runner, Mike admits to compressing the training schedule into 8 weeks. Imagine the amount of physical stress he put on his body. By going beyond the suggested 10% mileage increase each week, Mike’s legs were “jelly” by the time he and his wife/training partner reached the 8- and 10-mile training runs.

The week we did 12 or 12.5, we couldn’t move the rest of the day.

If Mike’s running experience isn’t sounding familiar yet, maybe this will. After years of conditioning the body to train too hard with a stride that landed his heel too far in front of him, the physical stress took a toll and Mike was slammed with injury. For three years, he suffered with debilitating shin splints.

If you’ve ever experienced shin splints, you know that ice and rest are completely temporary treatments. The moment you start to run again, you’re experiencing pain that feels like the muscle in front of your lower leg is being ripped away from your bone.

Instead of a runner’s life stacked with chronic shin splints, Mike made two tremendous changes.

Mike explained how watching the natural running videos by Newton and switching to the Jeff Galloway Run/Walk/Run training method saved his running life.

I heard about Newton somehow. That was the first time I heard about this natural running thing. Everything they said made sense, engineering-wise. Watching the videos made sense to me. After years went by, I heard more about Galloway and how it was a good injury free method and for recovery. Everything was pointing to making it easier on my body because I was putting my legs through too much.

No More Jelly Legs

Over the last year, Mike has concentrated on changing his stride by landing with his feet directly underneath his body while incorporating the Jeff Galloway training method. Things have been going so well that currently, he’s training for the Red, White & Boom! TC Half Marathon with the Minneapolis/St. Paul Jeff Galloway Training Group. After our 9.5-mile group run, Mike said, “I felt awesome for the rest of the day.”

Mike Hylandsson Runners Life-4930-3These days, Mike has one long term goal: not getting injured again. When I asked him about his short term goals, particularly for the upcoming half marathon he said, “I’m just happy to stay injury free.”

Mike also says that one day he’d like to train for a full marathon. For now he prefers to spend his free time with his young daughters. He and his wife, who also runs half and full marathons using the Jeff Galloway method, are raising a family of future runners. Both of their daughters recently completed a 2k race at the Apple Blossom races in Hastings, Minnesota.

Does Mike’s runner’s life inspire you to begin running or to make changes in your training method? Well, the Minneapolis/St. Paul Jeff Galloway Training Groups has training sessions available in the 5k, 10k, half marathon, and marathon distances. New sessions begin in June! Join us and learn how to live the rest of your runner’s life injury free!

Jeff Galloway, Minneapolis Registration page

Join us for a FREE run! We run as a group every Saturday morning at 8:00am at various locations throughout the Twin Cities. Fill out our contact form and receive information on where our next run will be.


The Runner’s Life

“Thank you Mrs. Incredible for taking a picture with me!”

“Are you kidding? You’re the one running this half marathon! You are the real Mrs. Incredible!”

Jenny and Mrs. IncredibleMeet Jenny! She’s our Mrs. Incredible of the Minneapolis/St. Paul Jeff Galloway Training  Group. What makes her so incredible? Well, Jenny began running just a year ago and she’s already completed her first half marathon–the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February 2013. Anyone who can start running and cross the finish line of a half marathon in less than a year is incredible in my book.

But wait! There’s more. Jenny did it all as a military spouse and a new mom! When her husband returned from an overseas deployment as a runner, and her son was only 9 months old, Jenny decided to give running a try as well. After months of being in survival mode as a new mom, in a new job, living in a new city, Jenny said to herself, “Okay. So, I’m going to start this. I’m going to do this for myself.” Making healthy lifestyle changes became a priority.

Jenny runs because she enjoys it. Jenny says, “It’s stress relief therapy because I can do it and not have to think about anything. Plus there’s variety in running like getting to be outdoors, completing races in different places, and trying different running courses.”

Jenny first joined a running group for mothers as a beginner using interval training similar to a couch to 5k program. Incredibly, she completed her first 5k within two months of becoming a runner and keeps running to get better and to accomplish longer distances.

Because Jeff Galloway is the official RunDisney training consultant, Jenny began training using the Jeff Galloway Run/Walk/Run™ method to train for the Disney Princess Half Marathon.

 It’s more conservative than other training programs. And the body gets a chance to re-energize and the long runs don’t seem quite so long.

Jenny doesn’t like training alone because the long runs can be boring, especially during Minnesota winters when indoor running becomes a requirement. She once had to complete 100 laps around an indoor track for a training run! Not fun. During her half marathon training season, Jenny kept looking on the website for a local Twin Cities training group to join.

Although the Twin Cities Jeff Galloway Training Group kicked off its first season after Jenny’s first half marathon, she joined the group anyway. “It’s like you’re family. Everyone is so welcoming and encouraging,” Jenny says about the group. “There’s a variety of running experience, and the men bring a different perspective because they make it more competitive.”

Although she’s in her twenties, Jenny is accomplishing goals most people spend their lives dreaming about. Like slashing 4 minutes off her 10k personal best time. And she plans to complete her first marathon by January 2014. Go Jenny! I’ve never met a runner like Jenny who starts running for the first time in her life and within a year makes completing a marathon a reachable goal.

I appreciate Jenny so much because since the Jeff Galloway group first kicked off in the Twin Cities she has always been present to help and always has positive suggestions. She didn’t hesitate when I asked her to become a Pace Group Leader to support and encourage our other group members. And just last week after having to stop during one of her weekend races to help a fallen stranger get emergency help and attention, Jenny suggested we have a brief clinic on the importance of carrying ID during all runs and races.

 Jenny is the type of person you want running in your group. She’s young, ready to run, and full of drive. With the goal of accomplishing a marathon, I want to be with her every step of the way.

Although Jenny’s husband is not shown in the picture above with Mrs. Incredible, he did run the Disney Princess Half Marathon with her. She says, “it was living hell for him, but he is really supportive and ran every race with me last year.” Cheers to Jenny and her incredible journey!

We’re looking for new members to train with us! Do you have a goal of finishing a 5k, 10k, half marathon, or marathon? The Minneapolis/St. Paul Jeff Galloway Training Groups kick off new training groups this June! We’ll get you safely across any finish line including the Disney Marathon and Half Marathon in January 2014!

Jeff Galloway, Minneapolis Registration page

Join us for a FREE run and informational session on Saturday, June 1 at the Minneapolis Washburn High School track at 9:00 a.m. One lucky participant will win a FREE 12 week training session. For more information about Jeff Galloway visit his website

What 8,000 People Can Teach You About Resilience

Although the Minneapolis Get in Gear races were almost 2 weeks ago, it was such a great event that I’m still replaying the highlights in my mind. I’ve been meaning to write all about it, but have been so afraid of not getting the right words out. Afraid that in the midst of the Boston Marathon tragedy, I wouldn’t sound authentic. Afraid that anything I write would never capture how it all felt in the moment. But then I decided to just write the same way I run the middle miles of a race. One foot and one word in front of the other.

The Minneapolis Get in Gear is called the “annual rite of spring,” which was so appropriate this year because it really did feel like the first day of spring to us Minnesotans. With winter dragging on and way overstaying its welcome, it was great feeling the sunshine and being able to chuck the winter running gear (even if all of we Minnesotans had to bring out the hat and mittens a few days later). I honestly couldn’t wait for that feeling of sweat evaporating off my skin instead of it wicking away into one of my long sleeved winter shirts.

Get in Gear has 3 race distances – the 5k, 10k and half marathon and draws an awesome crowd. Minutes before the 10k and half marathon started, the voice over the speaker system announced 8,000 registered runners.

It was such a treat being among 8,000 since this was the race debut for the new Jeff Galloway Twin Cities Group. Can’t you just imagine how huge the crowd was? So many runners all in one place. It was so elbow-to-elbow packed, that our Jeff Galloway group of runners quickly dissolved into the crowd. We still felt connected though with our Jeff Galloway shirts and interval timers.

Some of our Jeff Galloway group members posed for a pre-race pic.

Some of our Jeff Galloway group members posing for a pre-race pic.

Every pre-race morning, I’m usually struggling with anxiety complete with dry heaves and emergency restroom stops. Not this time. At first, I thought it was weird that I wasn’t nervous for this race. Then it dawned on me that – oh yeah – I get to run this race with my group. It’ll be like any other Saturday group run among friends and supporters.

With the Boston Marathon tragedy still 2 weeks fresh and on everyone’s minds, race organizers planned a moment of silence right before the start of the race. But with so many jittery runners ready for the race to start, all I heard was the same buzz I hear before every race. Small conversations laced with nervousness and runners doing last minute checks of their tech devices.

Even without the literal moment of silence, or printed “Run for Boston” shirts scattered throughout the crowd, this race so soon after the Boston Marathon showed me that every person can honor the tragedy by banding together to run.  Without words, it’s a way to honor the resilient heart of runners.

What I still can’t get over is that for the first time it felt like I belonged in the running community. It struck me near the mid-point of the race when I took a moment to feel my place among the mass of runners. I looked ahead and kept looking until I grasped that I was part of a moving current of 8,000 runners stretched along the Mississippi River. Whenever I’m in need of running motivation, I’ll always have that vision to remind me that I belong here, linked to my fellow runners.

The very best part of every race is the finish line. The finish line of the Get in Gear, though, was more than taking those last steps toward that victorious line. The last steps of the race across the finish line really represented the first of many finish lines for the New Minneapolis/St. Paul Jeff Galloway group, including all of the stories that go along.

Don’t you love a good finish line story? Like our 68-year-old Jeff Galloway group member who dedicated 8 weeks of training to be able to cross the finish line of the 5k. And the group member who shaved 4 minutes from her best 10k time.

Yes, the Minneapolis Get in Gear was full of proud moments for me remembering the hard work and miles put in to get this Minneapolis/St. Paul Jeff Galloway Training Group started, running, and crossing our first finish line.

Are you interested in training for a marathon or half marathon? Maybe you have a desire to run and just don’t know where to start. Well, the Minneapolis/St. Paul Jeff Galloway Training Groups offer 5k, half marathon, and marathon training to all abilities. New training programs begin in June! For more information, visit the Jeff Galloway Training Groups website.

The 3 Secrets Every Long Distance Runner Needs to Know About Building Endurance

image credit: stock.xchng ID: 1090940

image credit: stock.xchng ID: 1090940

You’ve started running, even considering training for a race like a 5k or half marathon. You have your training plan in hand and it includes 3, maybe 4 days of running. But what about the time in between runs? What are you supposed to do? What should you eat? How do you plan for race day? What about cross-training days that could potentially help you push back your endurance barrier each week?

Specialty Clinics

Wouldn’t you want someone to come into your race training plan and show you how to get the best out of your training? The Minneapolis/St. Paul Jeff Galloway Training Groups does just that with specialty clinics during each training season on topics such as proper shoe fitting, nutrition, physical training, hill workouts, speed workouts, and more.

This past Saturday, Rashaud Imaun, owner and founder of the The You Print program, answered the biggest question on everyone’s minds: How to find a strength building plan that fits well into training for a half marathon.

Building Endurace

Stock.xchng ID: 791362

Rashaud braved Minnesota’s cold April morning temperatures to host a specialty clinic for the Minneapolis/St. Paul Jeff Galloway Training Group.

Rashaud covered 3 tips to build muscle endurance.

  • The key is to build muscle endurance gradually. Like the Jeff Galloway philosophy, your body will respond and improve its endurance as you gently add the stress you put on it every week.

  • Light weight-lifting and focused muscle movement to the point of fatigue. It’s important while training for long distances not to let your muscles give out or burn because you want to prevent lactic acid build up.

  • Stick to interval cross training on non-running days. While you’re not running, you can still build endurance and peak conditioning with interval training. Strengthen your core but take it easy on the legs, and rest between intervals.

The You Print

Rashaud ImaunWhat does Rashaud do when he’s not offering expertise to running groups? He is owner and founder of The You Print, a physical training and weight loss focused program. Like the Jeff Galloway training method, The You Print centers on the opportunity to take control of your health and attitude. Whether you are just beginning a journey to healthy living or taking on marathon training, Rashaud wants your motivation to be empowerment.

Not only does Rashaud’s program include meal planning and nutritional coaching, supplements, and physical training, but he also makes himself available for around the clock personal support. Visit his Facebook page because Rashaud posts frequent health tips on a daily basis.

For more information on the Minneapolis/St. Paul Jeff Galloway Training Groups or to reach Rashaud Imaun, fill out our contact form.

Set a Personal Record While Running Slow

Before you start training for a half or full marathon, wait!

At the starting line of a marathon

image ID #532444, stock.xchng

Have you checked out Jeff Galloway’s formulas for training on his website, By running a one mile test called the Magic Mile and entering the time into his Magic Mile Pace Calculator, you can get an accurate prediction of your race time. But what you need to know is that you must follow Jeff Galloway’s training plan for the best result. This means sticking to his pace suggestions during long training runs.

When I first started training with the Jeff Galloway method for a half marathon, I was fresh off a 12-week half marathon training regimen that included speed drills starting in week 3 and continuing until 4 days before race day. Hills were built into the long runs. Toward the end of training I was running 5 days a week. Mind you, this training program was designed for beginners! By week 8, my legs and motivation were burnt out, and I barely crossed the finish line of the race.

Before I made the switch to the Jeff Galloway method, my mind was completely conditioned to believe that I must run hard and fast throughout training programs, even during long runs. Boy, was I wrong!

Build Your Endurance and Mental Momentum

The Jeff Galloway method is designed to build your endurance and mental momentum while keeping your legs fresh.

How, you ask? The answer is in the long run.

Jeff Galloway’s training programs include 3 run days a week, one of which is a long run every weekend. On these weekend runs, you focus on building endurance while running at a slower pace.

By going slowly, you can burn more fat, push back your endurance barriers and go faster at shorter distance races. – Jeff Galloway

Use the Magic Mile

How slow should you run on the long runs? Use Jeff Galloway’s formula to predict your race pace and training long runs. You can find the formulas in many of Jeff Galloway’s books on running and on his website at Here’s the short version of the half marathon long run formula.

  1. Run a Magic Mile.
  2. Take your Magic Mile time and multiply it by 1.2. This is the pace you can realistically expect to run during a half marathon race after using Jeff Galloway’s training schedule.
  3. Your long run training pace is at least 2 minutes per mile slower than your race pace.

My last Magic Mile was 9 minutes (540 seconds). 9 minutes multiplied by 1.2 is 10:48. This is the pace I can realistically expect to run a half marathon after completing a Jeff Galloway Training Program.

This means that during training, my long run pace should be at least 12:48 per mile. What’s cool is that I can still include speed drills on my shorter run days.

Save Your Legs for Race Day

Why is Jeff Galloway’s long run formula so important to training for a race? Because you build endurance while preserving your legs for race day at the same time.

This makes so much sense because we’re all hoping to set a PR on race day. Instead of legs burned out from months of training potentially sabotaging your chances of a PR, you’ll run with fresh legs and the very best chance of a PR.

The Minneapolis/St. Paul Jeff Galloway Half Marathon Training Group is into its 3rd week of training. We’re set to run our first Magic Mile on Saturday, March 30. The goal: to get everyone safely across the finish line of the Red, White & Boom! TC Half Marathon, and as Jeff Galloway says, “in the upright position, smiling, and wanting to do it again.”

For regular updates and tips on training using the Jeff Galloway training method, subscribe to this blog.

It’s Not Too Late For You

Give yourself a moment to imagine this.

Run in Freezing Rain

Image Credit: Tome213, Stock.xchng

It’s Saturday morning; the whole day and all of its possibilities lay ahead of you. You don’t want to get out of bed because as predicted, the weather is awful – cold and freezing rain.

But on this cold wet Saturday morning you have a commitment to meet your Jeff Galloway 5k running group at 8:00am for the first run of the season. You’re following through on the promise made to become a runner.

You’ve scrambled the night before to get all of your warmest cold weather clothing together in one place. At 7:30am, your alarm sings for the third time, and you know you can’t stay in bed a minute longer. You practically fall down the stairs in search of coffee, but one look outside says you need more than coffee to survive this cold Minnesota morning. It’s raining like an April shower, yet there’s snow and ice covering the ground outside your door and along the sidewalk. Running in the cold wet air with treacherous ground beneath you is the last thing you want to do.

But when you arrive at Lake Nokomis, Pace Group Leader, Erich turns the entire morning around. Erich, who estimates he’s logged the most Jeff Galloway miles in Minnesota with a whopping 5,000 miles. You meet your Minneapolis running group in the parking lot, warm up, and find a safe running path. Erich leads your group by observing and dishing out valuable run/walk/run advice. He’s more coach than leader.

“Keep your eyes toward the horizon during your walk breaks because your walking posture will help you to finish a race strong,” Erich advises.  You and your group simultaneously nod your heads at the Aha! moment.

Thirty seconds of running followed by thirty seconds of walking look so easy coming from you and the other runners.  Within five minutes of running, your group decides this was well worth waking up for. You’re all moving and energizing together on a Saturday morning; suddenly the cold terrain feels more peaceful. You realize how fortunate you are. You are not running alone.  You’re running in a Jeff Galloway group, on a Saturday, and your leader has invaluable knowledge that more than matches his 5,000 miles worth of experience. Because Erich’s expertness, support, and humor are the exact ingredients that will drive you forward.

open sky with snow

Image Credit: Raichinger, Stock.xchng

It’s not too late for you.

With 7 weeks still remaining until the Minneapolis Get in Gear 5k race, you can still join the Minneapolis/St. Paul Jeff Galloway 5k Training Group and learn Jeff Galloway’s Run/Walk/Run method from the person with the most Galloway miles in the state of Minnesota.

Thinking of a longer distance? Well, our Half Marathon Training Group starts this Saturday, March 16. Train for the Red, White & Boom! TC Half Marathon with us!

Jeff Galloway, Minneapolis Registration page

With group runs every Saturday morning, we promise that by the time you get to race day, you will be a runner.

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Are You Busier Than Oprah Winfrey?

“I don’t run because I don’t have the time.”

“I’m too busy to run.”

“Running won’t fit into my schedule.”

“I want to run, but there’s no time.”

“I’ll have to give up too much time to run.”

Running Late

Sound familiar?

I get it. We all live and work in a busy world. A world full of personal, family, and family, and financial responsibilities.

“Time Is Money”

In today’s economy, now more than ever, we’re driven by mounting pressure to pile on the tasks that turn a profit. A recent Business Insider article notes that people believe that taking time for themselves equates to loss of money.

So with money on everyone’s minds, who has time for personal care and enjoyment?

Time is Money

At What Cost?

With a schedule that includes raising 4 kids—a tween and 3 toddlers—running a small day-care, and launching the only Jeff Galloway running program in the Twin Cities, my days and weeks fly by in a blur. It’s so easy to let the demands of my responsibilities take priority over my personal well-being.

If I’m not careful, I’m not scheduling time for my own needs.

But I tell you what. I make time to run. If I don’t schedule a run during the week or weekend, the pressure of taking care of all those other responsibilities becomes insurmountable.

I become unhappy, unsettled, and careless about my health. My healthy eating habits suffer. My sleep suffers. And my emotions start getting the best of me.

Everyone should take time out of their hectic schedules to enjoy activities like running because it leads to life enjoyment.

What does all the money in the world mean if you don’t take time for yourself?

Famously Busy Runners

I’m not the only busy person who makes the time to run. Take a look at these famously busy people. They all have one thing in common. They all run.

Oprah Winfrey, American Media Proprietor

George W. Bush, 43rd President of the United States

Al Roker, Co-host of the Today Show

Bobby Flay, Chef and Food Network Personality

Paul Ryan, United States Representative, Wisconson

Al Gore, 45th Vice President of the United States

Elizabeth Hasselbeck, Co-host of the View

Kate Gosslin, Mother of 8 and TV Personality

Are you busier than Oprah Winfrey or mother of 8, Kate Gosslin?

The Good News

You still have time to enjoy life and become a runner. You can still be financially responsible and run. For a minimal time commitment you can discover the life-changing benefits of running and join the Minneapolis/St. Paul Jeff Galloway Running Group. Your age and running experience do not matter.

The best part is you only have to make time for two 30-minute runs during the week and one group run on Saturday mornings.

Want to train for a couch to 5k and run the Minneapolis Get In Gear 5k on April 26? Our Getting Started Group begins in March 9.

How about a half marathon? We’re training for the July 4 Red, White & Boom! TC Half Marathon. Training begins on March 16. We have a limited number of guaranteed entries to this race. Register now to receive your guaranteed race entry code!

Jeff Galloway, Minneapolis Registration page

Don’t let time slip by. Make running your happy hour!

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Hate Running? Blame Your Gym Class

Think back to your middle and high school years. Or maybe you’d rather forget those difficult years of trying to survive with your dignity and body image intact.

Gym class was the absolute worst.

I dreaded gym. Every sport seemed designed to prove just how slow, awkward, and uncoordinated I was. Even when I experienced a rare moment of wonder-woman strength during the volleyball unit and my 5’4″ frame spiked the ball on the tallest boy in class, I felt more embarrassed than victorious. He was embarrassed too. And retaliated by slamming a stinging shot to my leg.

And then there was the 1-mile run we had to do twice a year. As far as I could tell, the sole purpose of the 1-mile test was to remind me that I wasn’t built for running more than once around the track. I grew to hate distance running and all through my 20s, I refused to run any further than a mile. I was intimidated and fully programmed by years of bad gym classes to believe I’d never be a runner.

What if I told you that everything you learned in gym class about running was wrong?

Instead of using running as a tool to point out weaknesses, what if your gym teacher had taught you the life-long benefits of running?

  • How it creates brain cells and makes you smarter the same way that body muscles grow stronger from exercise.
  • How the controlled environment of running reduces stress and anxiety in other areas of life.
  • That you can burn anywhere from 50 to 130 calories per mile running depending on heart rate and walk breaks.
  • How it does not have to hurt if you distribute the workload among a variety of muscles in the form of walk breaks.
  • That running can lead to greater confidence and joy about life and exercise.
  • How running is for a lifetime, even till you’re 100.

Guess what! You can still learn to love running and exercise. And embrace all of its benefits. 

You can even run a marathon!

With the Minneapolis Jeff Galloway Running Groups, you will be able to relearn running the injury free, confidence-boosting way. You will:

  • Learn how to run a realistic pace that is right for you. Forget the dreaded mile … and embrace the Magic Mile.
  • Learn how to include walk breaks into every run to keep your legs fresh with a high rate of endorphin production. Experience the runner’s high.
  • Run a race … and finish strong and injury free.
  • Learn the tools to become a runner for the rest of your life.
  • Experience specialty clinics like how to buy the right shoes, pre- and post-run stretching, nutrition, running form, and strength building.

Join us for Saturday morning runs in groups that match your pace level. Our couch-to-5k Getting Started program starts in less than 2 weeks. Our half marathon training begins March 16.

Jeff Galloway, Minneapolis Registration page

If you want more information regarding our program, contact us. We’re happy to help you run injury free!

Make running your happy hour!

What did you learn in gym class that holds you back from running, exercising, or trying something new? What type of exercise have you desired to re-learn?

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